Mailing Services

Single Point has the most state of the art Presorting and Mailing software available. 

Our services include automating postal qualifications, providing CASS certification, personalizing, and addressing with laser, inkjet, and variable data technologies.

Our in house direct-mail services will greatly increase your postal savings and allows us to get your mail into the system quicker and cheaper than most.

  • Database management
  • Ink-jet services
  • Inserting services
  • Mail prep and sorting
  • Postal reporting

Premium and Acquisition Mailings:

Single Point offers unique, creative and innovative mailing options in the premium and acquisition mailing arena. Our design, programming, traditional and digital print technologies, custom manufacturing and mailing production facilities are the tools at our disposal to create for you a limitless amount of formats to meet the needs of your mailing programs. Formats include: plastic products (such as membership cards), glue or stitch bound personalized booklets and in-line kit package mailers. We also offer one of the most popular mailing formats used by nonprofit organizations, the personalized notepad package with possibilities for mailing formats, bound only by your imagination.

  • Stationary packaging
  • Name, address and label packaging
  • Personalized notepad packages
  • Virtual match mailing packages (up to 4- way match)
  • Eco no-pak mailers
  • Nonprofit mailing packages
  • Contribution Mailings
  • Solicitation Mailings
  • Greeting Card Programs

Statement and Revenue-generating Mailings:

Single Point also offers complete packages for your billing and statement needs.  We build our production around custom programs which we write to build the powerful image that will impress both you and your end customer.  We offer everything from Print, Email, and Web based lookup of printed products.

  • Statement processing
  • Billing services
  • Newsletters
  • Check and coupon mailings