Our Capabilities

Single Point Sourcing is the gateway to integrated marketing and printing communications services. We provide a one-stop platform for your company to satisfy all your marketing and printing requirements. 

Our services and the collaboration with “YOU” render solutions to the business challenges that you face. Whether it’s the distribution of marketing collateral and promotional products to your clients or the production of mailing to prospects and members, we are here, ready to help.

Digital Printing

Many projects demand custom printed products, which Single Point specializes in. We have the equipment to be able to deliver the printing products you need, when you need them most. The results speak for themselves. You can rely on Single Point.

Our 4-color process and black & white digital printing capabilities are ideal for short print runs or for pieces needing customization.

Several options are Print-on-Demand which can help you reduce inventory storage costs, conserve paper and keep your literature up-to-date more easily. We use digital technology to store an electronic version of your literature then print the exact quantity you indicated to keep pace with request from your sales force and customers.

Another Option, Variable-on-Demand, allows our clients to create custom products that change graphics, copy and/or signatures on each individual piece, making each and every recipient feel like the piece was printed just for them.

Our digital printing service is ideal for lower quantity projects when you need a quick turnaround or on-the-fly customization.

Our digital printing presses are equipped to handle many paper sizes and weights, and we can print one color, two colors or full color – with stunning glossing capabilities that will make your next project come alive.

  • Variable Data Printing (VDP) each printed piece can be targeted to specific reader
  • Customize each individual piece with graphics, copy and/or signatures
  • On-demand printing: both B&W and 4-color process
  • Short run printing
  • Gloss coating capabilities
  • Flexible runs and quick turnarounds
  • Cost effective solution with high quality result

Commercial Printing

Single Point has a complete line of both sheet and web presses to handle any printing project that you should need.  With our versatility we can produce a world class finished product that will make your image stand out in the marketplace. We can choose the print method that’s right for you and your project.

Whether you’re printing a one-page flyer or a lengthy catalog, annual report or handbook, our printing processes deliver the quality you and your customers expect. Our printing capabilities include:

  • Complete pre-press
  • Brochures
  • Annual reports
  • Newsletters
  • Catalogs
  • Handbooks
  • Promotional materials
  • Electronic prepress
  • Short-run 4-color
  • Sheet-fed offset printing
  • Web offset printing
  • Complete bindery services
  • Finish services

Variable Data Printing


A revolution is underway in marketing. It's called One to One Marketing. Single Point now makes One to One Marketing possible with our Variable Data Printing (VDP) technologies and Cross Media Marketing packages.


VDP allows you to communicate directly with each of your customers in ways you never dreamed of by effortlessly blending database information and creative content on-the-fly. VDP gives you total control over every aspect of your communications by allowing total on-the-fly customization of each mailing piece on press. Imagine targeting each of your customers individually with the exact product or service they are looking for every time you speak to them. Each direct mail piece produced is as unique as the customer who receives it. You can even include such things as maps to show your customers how to get from their house to your location.


Combine our VDP technology with our Cross-Media Marketing Campaigns to reach your customers One to One via print, direct mail, web, and e-mail. By tying them all together in a campaign you can collect more customer data for use in the next stage, track responses with response URLs, and learn which media is most likely to get a response from each contact for more successful, and cost-effective, follow-ups.

  • Integrated cross media marketing
  • Personalized messaging
  • Consistency throughout all media
  • Database integration with all marketing materials
  • Personalized web pages or micro-sites
  • Trackable responses with response URLs
  • Follow up with e-mail

Web Printing

Single Point has a complete line of Web presses with multiple configurations to give you the best printed product. Whether it be 1 color, process color, spot color, or micro process we can handle it all.

Our reputation web printing has been built upon the principles of speed, quality, innovation, and quality customer service. Our experienced pressmen make sure that every job we print is up to customer standards and turned around in a timely fashion.

Our web presses run at a much higher speed with finishing capabilities at the delivery end of the press, and are suitable for large run jobs.

  • Laser cut sheets
  • Roll to Roll
  • Continuous
  • Snap-Out


Single Point can take you to the next level when it comes to online information. We can give you the ability to automate your online marketing campaigns or to build custom Marketing Portals to provide instant access to your marketing materials.

We can also build in online reporting to check current inventory, view bills and statements online, order printed products, and specialty items.

Our online services include:

  • Web hosting
  • Web site development
  • Marketing Portals
  • Automated marketing campaigns
  • Email blasts
  • Online publishing
  • PURL and Response URL Campaigns
  • Online surveys
  • Cross media campaigns
  • QR Codes
  • Inventory management
  • Promotional catalogs
  • Social media programs

Marketing and Advertising

We're proud to be partnered with Creative Vision Advertising and Marketing Communications. To best serve you, we offer a full-range of strategic communications services including:

  • Brand development and management
  • Strategic planning
  • Corporate and public communications
  • Market research
  • Marketing plans and programs
  • Media planning, placement and analysis
  • Public and media relations
  • Word-of-mouth and special events marketing
  • B2B and B2C marketing
  • Print, TV, radio, outdoor, direct mail and internet advertising
  • Graphic design
  • Copy writing
  • Product development, promotion and placement
  • Web site management
  • Promotional specialty items

Marketing Portals

In today’s competitive market place, you need around-the-clock access to your company's marketing materials. Our Marketing Portals help you meet this challenge with a dual-purpose web-to-print platform custom designed to fit your specific industry's needs.

Our Marketing Portals allow you to meet your diverse communication needs for top line growth, while providing access seamless to the print and marketing materials you need when you need them. This allows you to maximize efficiencies and drive profitability.

Our Marketing Portals allow you to:

  • Use our existing templates to get your business up and running quickly
  • Upload your own marketing materials to control your brand messaging
  • Launch automated marketing materials with set action points and measured responses
  • Access data on all your current marketing efforts
  • Control inventory costs by printing on demand
  • Capitalize on greater returns with less effort
  • Online help desk for assistance with your questions and marketing needs


Single Point has the software, facilities, and staff to take on any type of project that needs to have multiple products packaged and sent to multiple end clients. Whether it be one-time shipment, monthly shipments, or daily shipments we can accommodate your needs and get your products out on time.

  • Pick and Pack programs
  • Distribution to multiple locations
  • Internet access and online ordering

Literature Fulfillment

Single Point also provides Literature Fulfillment services and can take your literature, products, and data and build a solution to print, fulfill and distribute to your warehouse or end client.

  • Warehousing
  • Pick and Pack
  • Distribution
  • Inventory control
  • Print-on-demand


Single Point can take your products and customize a package to entice even the most meticulous customers response.

We can provide product assembly, kit building, custom packaging, and fulfillment campaigns.

Our in house assembly services provide the best production services and quality, to eliminate unnecessary costs, and deliver the job on time every time. 

We coordinate the entire assembly project from start to finish with a staff comprised of seasoned professionals who are all cross trained in virtually all aspects of assembly production and fulfillment and know exactly what it takes to make a project successful.

  • Custom assembly
  • Packaging
  • Incentive program support
  • Package testing and preflighting
  • Drop ship services

Mailing Services

Single Point has the most state of the art Presorting and Mailing software available. 

Our services include automating postal qualifications, providing CASS certification, personalizing, and addressing with laser, inkjet, and variable data technologies.

Our in house direct-mail services will greatly increase your postal savings and allows us to get your mail into the system quicker and cheaper than most.

  • Election Materials - we specialize in Paper Ballots/Mail in Ballots
  • Database management
  • Ink-jet services
  • Inserting services
  • Mail prep and sorting
  • Postal reporting

Premium and Acquisition Mailings:

Single Point offers unique, creative and innovative mailing options in the premium and acquisition mailing arena. Our design, programming, traditional and digital print technologies, custom manufacturing and mailing production facilities are the tools at our disposal to create for you a limitless amount of formats to meet the needs of your mailing programs. Formats include: plastic products (such as membership cards), glue or stitch bound personalized booklets and in-line kit package mailers. We also offer one of the most popular mailing formats used by nonprofit organizations, the personalized notepad package with possibilities for mailing formats, bound only by your imagination.

  • Stationary packaging
  • Name, address and label packaging
  • Personalized notepad packages
  • Virtual match mailing packages (up to 4- way match)
  • Eco no-pak mailers
  • Nonprofit mailing packages
  • Contribution Mailings
  • Solicitation Mailings
  • Greeting Card Programs

Statement and Revenue-generating Mailings:

Single Point also offers complete packages for your billing and statement needs.  We build our production around custom programs which we write to build the powerful image that will impress both you and your end customer.  We offer everything from Print, Email, and Web based lookup of printed products.

  • Statement processing
  • Billing services
  • Newsletters
  • Check and coupon mailings

Document Management

Single Point offers Document Management solutions for forms as well as for billing statements. Our forms Management services are based on a flexible and cost-effective custom inventory and warehousing software package. Customers can order products online or vial e-mail, postal mail, or by phone. Orders may be pulled from one or numerous warehousing locations, and billing procedures are flexible as well.

These and other features allow Single Point’s customers to save on product waste, warehousing, software and salaries. Plus, they are free to focus on their core business, with reports being the only forms-related function left for them to manage.

Similarly, Single Point assists with delivering statements and revenue-generating mailings to your customer. We understand that delivering accurate and user-friendly invoices increases the likelihood of your company receiving payment in a timely manner. Whether your mailing involves many identical pieces or variable data, we can handle the printing and mailing all under one roof. We work closely with the U.S. Post Office to ensure maximum efficiency and on-time delivery.

We also work closely with you to establish a mailing schedule that meets your requirements. All components of your mailing (envelopes, brochures, forms, etc.) can be warehoused and managed by Single Point.

  • Warehousing
  • Inventory control
  • Pick N Pack
  • Fulfillment ready programming
  • Online reporting capabilities

Advertising Specialty & Promotional Products

Single Point offers a limitless variety of Advertising Specialty Products. We can customize with your company’s name, logo and/or message. There’s no better way to build brand awareness than by giving people something they can use or display that has your logo on it. From Popular trinkets such as pens, magnets, and mugs … to paper products such as Post-it Notes, notepads, and calendars … Single Point is your source for personalized marketing products.

Our Advertising Specialty Products Include:

  • Personalized plastic products
  • Membership cards
  • Luggage tags
  • Convention/ID badges
  • Promotional products and ideas


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